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Daily planning is as simple as ABC

I have a very simple system l have learned in my career to manage tasks. My first boss out of college taught me the Franklin Covey system of task delegation. When I adopted the system I saw immediate improvement in business and my personal life. As an Eagle Scout, I have always been eager to tackle a task list to achieve success. I eventually molded the process into my own system I still use 15 years later.

The overwhelming feeling of managing too many projects can be quite stressful as a business professional. The best feature of using the system is getting all that clutter out of your head and on to paper. This is the first step in achieving your goal. Take a deep breath and meditate on your day and the information will flow to your paper. Remember this is an organic list that grows throughout the day. You should never lose a thought if you follow this process.

In part 2, I will share how to prioritize these tasks and thoughts….

What’s the Mathematics?

A = Top Priority - Revenue Generating

B= Maintenance / Operational Task

C= Personal / Community/ Family Task

* = Pending

x= Delete

=> = Forward

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