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Daily Planning is as Simple as ABC

Daily Planning is as Simple as ABC

Part 3

B= Maintenance / Operational Task

The B task can fill up your day if you do not know how to prioritize what’s important. This task helps support your revenue generating task, but do not require immediate attention until revenue goals are met. As a banker, I use this time to work on portfolio management. This primarily involves loan and deposit maintenance and customer service responses.

I also use the B category to help prioritize my community efforts. My service in the community does occasionally create revenue opportunities, however, I do not make community service tasks a priority over how I normally create business opportunities. The B task should be considered as the fuel that drives the expensive race car. In order to maintain your business, you must have organized support and operations.

What’s the Mathematics?

A = Top Priority - Revenue Generating

B= Maintenance / Operational Task

C= Personal / Community/ Family Task

* = Pending

x= Delete

=> = Forward

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