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Daily Planning is as Simple as ABC Part 3 C= Personal / Community/ Family Task

One of the coolest things I learned at my orientation at Pinnacle Financial Partners is that the company understood that people will do personal things while at work. This very simple understanding gave me confidence that my new company affirmed the daily balance of work and home life.  Everyday I have used the C task to make sure I am staying on top of my family and community commitments.

The C task became even more important when I had kids. Numerous activities during the week can be overwhelming unless you have a system to catch all the moving parts. Your family and your community is a daily priority. The results of this focus will make you a well rounded leader in your community.

The ABC task method work in a rhythm!!!

What’s the Mathematics?

A = Top Priority - Revenue Generating

B= Maintenance / Operational Task

C= Personal / Community/ Family Task

* = Pending

x= Delete

=> = Forward

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