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Mamba Mentality

In the wake of the death of Kobe Bryant I have been wrestling with my mortality as it relates to my gift of hustle and the mamba mentality. I always Identified with Kobe Bryant because we had so much in common. We were born the same year, graduated high school the same year, we both had big appetites for basketball, and were growing into the next phase life in business. The sadness is gone away, but I do feel a further calling to leave mamba like legacy with my family.

I have always been task oriented and a competitive person. I love the thrill of competition and working hard beforehand to make the actual competition a breeze. That's what I will miss most about not having Kobe as a guiding star to shoot for in business and family, ( A very selfish reason FYI, because its about me lol!!)

I'm not giving up because he is no longer here, I am even more charged to be aggressive with my personal, business and spiritual growth. I know that God gave me a gift of leadership and its my job to maximize my talent while I still have time on this planet. What a fool I would be, to be known for having talent, but have nothing to show for it in the end.

Press on Press On-Grind Harder!! Don't Quit, We are all given a gift to expand for the kingdom. Don't waste time watching others on Instagram and Facebook. Make your own way by having the mamba mentality. Your competition is your lazy self and this pitiful world of distraction. Holla at me if you need push or kick in the ass.

Mamba forever!!

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