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Relationship Building Part 1 : The Client

In the months of December and January I usually spend time reflecting on my output from the previous year and my plans for success in the following year. As a banker the most important part of my job is maintaining a quality book of business. I use the month January to prioritize the three ways I earn business throughout the year. I create a meeting cadence of the following list during the year; Clients, Prospects, and Centers of Influence.

I try to make sure I understand my top client’s needs for the year. I do this by proactively engaging them with new ideas I believe could help improve their productivity as a person or business. Each of my top 20 clients has a scheduled date on my calendar in which I look to engage them. This practice has resulted in improved bank productivity and client retention.

It is very helpful to be very informed with local, regional and national business news. Many of my clients appreciate the emails I send that pertain to their industry. There have been several occasions when I have forwarded an email with a note and a client has responded with a request for an appointment to discuss a new business opportunity.

What’s the mathematics?

  1. List your top 20 clients

  2. Develop a meeting / communication schedule for the clients, at least quarterly.

  3. Be knowledgeable of different industries that affect your clients business

  4. Be proactive and anticipate client needs

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