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Relationship Building: Part 2: The Prospect

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A great barbershop debate is who are the top five, greatest NBA players. We spend countless hours arguing if Jordan or Kobe should be in the top 10 or if Jay Z or Nas are better than Biggie and Pac. I believe it is human nature to rank pop culture ideas and themes. However, I have noticed that many people cannot give you a top 10 list of prospects that can help them become more successful.

I consider a prospect to be a person or business that can provide a lift to my personal goals and accomplishments. Each year I will identify a new top 10 list of business prospects I want to connect with during the year. I build this list during the course of the previous year as I make new relationships.

My current pipeline of business is typically made by my existing relationships. I use the prospect list to help mitigate the loss of old clients and also stretch my production during the year. A person in business can never be satisfied with just making their goal. Achievement is gained through your willingness to evolve and grow each year. Create a MVP each year to smash the competition!!!

What’s the Mathematics Jeff?

MVP List Creation and Function:

  1. Gather your list from previous market observation

  2. Create your MVP list by year end

  3. Show your top clients and centers of influence who's on your list

  4. Block your calendar weekly to set up meetings during the year with your MVP names

Persistence, Organization, and Ask for the business!!!

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