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Relationship Building: Part 3: The Center of Influence

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One of the keys to my success is the development centers of influence that have molded my book of business. I was nearly fired as young banker because I thought cold calling and knocking on doors would create business. It was shocking to learn that my charm and charisma was not enough to convince a total stranger to become client.

It wasn’t until I heard the term, center of influence, that I began a different path obtaining new clients. I started to build relationships in the community with people who would refer me business. I developed this team of people by serving in the community with passionate business people with similar ideas as mine.

During this period of service, I learned that lawyers, CPAs’, commercial realtors, and existing clients were my best referral partners. I began to intentionally call on these groups for referrals and connections. It was amazing to see the results. I was able to earn the trust of these service groups first, then they confided in my ability to serve as a financial expert.

What’s the Mathematics Jeff?

1. Serve

2. Serve

3. Serve

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