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The Story of OJ by Jay-Z, Part 3 of 3 - Credit "Financial Freedom”

“ You wanna know what's more important than throwing' away money at a strip club? Credit

You ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America? This how they did it,

Financial freedom my only hope

F**k livin' rich and dyin' broke” The Story of OJ , by Jay-Z

To be giving the gift of credit knowledge is a form a passing along generational wealth. The education of our country's credit system can be the difference between poverty and a middle class life for some Americans. You have basically hit the lottery if you were born into a culture that protects its history and teaches sound financial stewardship.

The historical tribal mentality of Jewish people in this nation has allowed them to build wealth. Many Jewish American families can trace their ancestry back many generations. One of my favorite quotes says (paraphrase) “You cannot know where your going, unless unless you where you came from” The Jewish community not only passes along religious rituals, they also teach the family’s financial history as it pertains to credit , wealth management , education, and entrepreneurship.

Jay-z sums this up in in one word in this verse “credit’. I believe credit is the summary of all the financial history past from generation to generation. Your culture and background can dictate your future credit, unless you personally seek the education. The challenge in many american households is the stress of work and paying bills. 8 of of 10 American workers live from paycheck to paycheck. 80% of this country is screaming for financial freedom. Start your own financial legacy in your family.

“Financial Freedom is only our hope, F*** being rich and dying broke”

“What’s the mathematics JEFF”

Jeff Mc’s 7 steps to “Financial Freedom”

  1. Save $1000

  2. Small to Biggie your debt except your home

  3. Save 3-6 months of living expenses

  4. Life Insurance / Will / Estate Plan

  5. Invest - Roth IRA, 401k, and Mutual Funds

  6. 15 year mortgage or less on your home purchases

  7. 529 plan for kids college or Investment Property (for kids college)

Each these steps is a month worth of blogs. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on these points in the future. I didn’t get these from a book. The 7 points are a culmination of my personal experience with managing money for clients and myself. For a consultation on these points send an email.

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