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What's a vote a without action?

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Last week African Americans in the state of Alabama made the decision to get out and vote for the democratic senatorial nominee, Doug Jones. The turnout was historic on many levels and had social media buzzing with enthusiasm about the power of the black vote. I was only halfway excited, because I feel the participation was only based on an emotional campaign. Many of our elections are guided by emotions and politicians benefit because they are not held accountable once they make office.

What if we truly held our politicians accountable to a list of items that would improve our community? In the African American community, history has not been on our side in many inner-city communities. We continue to vote the popular candidate in office for reasons such as: name familiarity, church affiliation, and financial status. These people typically are not moving an agenda and seem to be clogs in the political system. It’s frustrating to only see people stand up for their community when there seems to be an outside threat. What about before??

If you are considering voting local or nationally make sure you understand the candidate’s agenda and how it immediately affects you and your family. I would like to see more politicians be given thresholds to maintain while being office. A quarterly review of progress would allow for the needed accountability in our political systems.

What’s the mathematics of using your vote wisely?

The effects of gentrification have an immediate economic effect to the wealth of the new residents in the neighborhood. These families typically immediately demand their neighborhoods be cleaned up from high crime, low performing schools, and blighted infrastructures. This is done with the power of voting with an agenda and strategically placing people in office that will fulfill the objectives.

  1. Lower Crime Rate = Improved Home Values and Increased Local Merchant Activity

  2. Improved Schools = Improved Home Values

  3. Improved Infrastructure = Increased opportunity for more corporate relocations to the area = More jobs.

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